Call for papers

All lectures and workshops from the field of the open technologies are welcome. We are looking mostly for lectures by members of the OSS projects, contributiors or other people who are directly involved in developing or running open technologies. We will also be very happy for practical lectures (how-to's) on using open technologies, or any other lectures that deals with free software, hardware, open data, open standards or maker community.

Please send the applications uptil 14.2.2019 to

Do not forget to tell us:

  • Your first name
  • Lecture title
  • Short lecture abstract
  • Lecture duration (30 or 60 minutes incl. discussion)
  • Interest in helping with accomodation
  • You can, nevertheless it is not mandatory, to send us your photo and your slides if they exist already.

We will not accept any of commercial lectures.

After closing of Call for papers, conference hosts will prepare the schedule that will be published on this website.

About OpenCamp

Conference capacity is around 650 seats. The entrance is free, anyone can submit a lecture via public Call for Papers, conference hosts then pick the lectures in order to prepare interestion programme consisting of various topics.

Conference is organized by volunteers and is financed by donations given by partners (see Partners section) along the private financial resources of conference hosts. All partners are public.

This conference is inspired by other foreign conferences such as LinuxDays in Prague or OpenAlt in Brno. OpenCamp is not a scientific conference, its mission is to provide a place for community to meet and share their knowledge.

The conference hosts as well as all speakers take part without being eligible to any financial reward. It is not allowed to submit marketing-oriented lectures, nor is allowed to sell any product directly at the conference venue except for coffee ;).

In accordance with open society principles, anyone can attend the conference, the only rule is to respect other attendees.


Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU
Ilkovičova 2, Bratislava

How can you get there?

Public transport
Buses 30, 31, 32, 37, 39, 92, 192, bus stop ZOO

Free parking in front of the faculty, Ilkovičova 2, Bratislava

From Bratislava Airport (BTS) bus line 61, change at Trnavske mýto to line 39 direction Cintorín Slávičie údolie, bus stop ZOO

From the main railway station (Hlavna stanica) bus line 32 direction Kuklovská, bus stop ZOO.

Previous years

Bratislava OpenCamp 2018

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Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at